Identification guide

Freshwater Fishes of Slovenia

  • Black and white stippled drawing with ink
  • Made for an identification guide
  • 2006

The guide to the freshwater fishes of Slovenia provided a challenge to find and photograph living individuals of all species as a reference for the black and white drawings. We almost made it (a few are drawn after pictures by other photographers), but only because we had a lot of help! I vividly remember chasing Danube gudgeons in such a strong current that I could hardly stand. For European mudminnows, I had to climb through thorny bushes to reach a remote oxbow lake. There was also the thrill to see many of our “hard-to-find species” in research-aquaria in Italy and Croatia.

We based our taxonomic decisions on an extensive study of scientific literature. Shortly after we published our field guide, a European handbook was made. To our pleasant surprise, we found that many of our taxonomic decisions were the same!

The guide can be purchased directly from the publisher, a non-profit company where I work, Zavod Symbiosis